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Dymeng Services is a New York based software development company specializing in Line of Business software solutions. From web development to desktop applications to cloud infrastructures and all of the supporting components, we at Dymeng are experts in the art of providing business solutions that streamline, protect and enable you to work smarter instead of harder.

What do we do?

New Software Solutions

Dymeng loves to create sleek, productive software solutions that help your business grow. We design and develop complete solutions from the ground up, turning your ideas into core business assets, from concept through delivery and forward evolution.
Requirements, planning, design, implementation, testing and deployment – using industry best practices and keeping you in the loop the entire time.

Updating & Integrating

We adopt existing solutions fix them up, modernize them or extend them as required, and we make peripheral systems work together so there’s tighter integration between your business’s software components.
Working with existing or external applications can be an art in its own. Doing so without disturbing the delicate balance of things is no trivial task. Choose a company that knows the ins and outs and won’t let you down.

Managed Services

We’re happy to be your trusted partner in application infrastructure services. From Cloud-based IaaS setups to simple website hosting, we can provide turnkey solutions and services so you can focus your time on making money with your business.
From servers to databases, virtual machines to disaster recovery infrastructures – it’s all in there.


If you’d like to have an industry expert take a look into your software, development methods or business processes, we offer a range of consulting services. Perhaps you’d like a second set of eyes to look into your existing operations for peace of mind, or maybe you are looking to have a new in-house development method checked out and followed up on.
Our experienced team at Dymeng can investigate, report and advise on your current conditions to give you the peace of mind or industry insight needed to move forward confidently.

What can you look forward to?

Professional Project Management

Writing code is easy – deftly managing a complex enterprise application project with fluid customer requirements, budget and time constraints and doing so to result in a long term, sustainable solution to save you time and money? Not so much.
Anyone can find a decent developer, but does your software company have what it takes to manage the complex field of software project management? We at Dymeng are quality and satisfactory driven at the core and have spent years researching and implementing the best in class practices and tools to ensure your projects come in on-time, on-budget and without surprises.

Exceptional Customer Service

Most companies say that they pride themselves on their customer service, but we really, really mean it. Whether its pricing transparency, our close collaboration, our commitment to being there for you when you need it, or just a friendly “hello” when you call, Dymeng was built from the ground up with quality, productivity and customer service as the three pillars to our success.

Recognized Expertise & Commitment

For five consecutive years, Dymeng founder and chief operator Jack D. Leach has been awarded Microsoft’s prestigious Most Valuable Professional award.
As a Microsoft MVP, Jack attends global summits to gain inside knowledge on the latest and greatest of Microsoft technologies, working with the Product Group to offer feedback and enhance Microsoft products and technologies as well as first looks at new features and technologies.
Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, are community leaders who’ve demonstrated an exemplary commitment to helping others get the most out of their experience with Microsoft technologies. They share their exceptional passion, real-world knowledge, and technical expertise with the community and with Microsoft.
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How do we do it?

At Dymeng, we feel that the software design, develop and implementation process is one that our clients should be as comfortably involved in as they like. We’re tech-savvy, business-oriented real people who understand your concerns: pricing, progress, usability, security and any number of other things. We take this understanding as part of the core way we do business and use it to ensure that our clients are comfortable with the project’s progress and pleased with our transparent approach to relationship management.
We’re committed to providing high quality solutions to our clients – on time and on budget – and that means following some tried and true practices to get there. We’ll start by with getting a decent feel for where you are and where you need to be, followed by some legwork on our end to see about what kind of high-level challenges we might face. From there, we can provide a general scope and estimate, after which we’ll usually enter into an Agile-based series of iterations: thorough requirements, planning, developing, testing and deployment, repeated as necessary.
Learn more about our process

Technologies & Tools

Dymeng works with a number of technologies, primarily those on the Microsoft stack. The .NET Platform (ASP.NET/MVC, WPF, WCF), SQL Server, Windows Azure, Microsoft Office/Access and a multitude of supporting technologies and tools as required to get the job done.
Additionally, we utilize a full range of high quality professional tools for internal use: Visual Studio, Git/Bitbucket Version Control, Red Gate SQL Tools, Balsamiq Mockups, JIRA Project Management, Bamboo build servers and more.

Web Development

– ASP.NET MVC4 & 5
– ASP.NET Webforms
– AngularJS/KnockoutJS (SPAs)
– PHP (Std. LAMP Stack)
– O365/SharePoint

Databases & Storage

– SQL Server (incl. Azure SQL Database)
– SQLite
– MS Access
– DocumentDB (Azure NoSQL)
– Azure Blob & Table Storage

Desktop/Hybrid Development

– XAML/C#/HTML (RT Apps)
– Universal Apps (W10)
– WinForms
– MS Access/Office

Cloud & Infrastructure

– Windows Azure (various services)
– Windows Server (2008-2012)
– IIS/OWIN/Katana
– Linux/Apache hosting
– O365/SharePoint

What Industries do we Serve?

Dymeng has no constraints on the industries that we serve. Some examples that we’ve worked with in the past are listed below.


HIPAA/HITECH compliance, streamlined clinic management, integrated labs, ERMs and more.


Visual scheduling, what-if analysis, material certification tracking, integrated CAD/CAM and more.


Amazon, eBay and shipping carriers integration, inventory management, in-depth data analysis and reports.


Hours, rates, routes, schedules, communications… track your service force, customer base, vehicles, and labor hours.


Asset tracking, transactional histories, point-in-time analysis and more.


Don’t see your industry listed? No worries – we’ve likely worked with it before, or something very close. Drop us a line and ask!
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