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Dymeng Services specializes in custom software solutions for small and medium business. Founded by owner Jack D. Leach, we make use of a variety of today's top technologies to provide database applications, web applications, websites and other services for your company's needs.

Leveraging the Rapid Application Development features of Microsoft Access, we can provide fast, cost-effective solutions for database applications. Access is a very popular, highly robust yet relatively small scale database engine and application development tool. In addition, Microsoft Access is now capable of web-based database applications for real-time collaboration regardless of distance or device, build atop a SharePoint/Azure cloud data service.

For more secure and faster processing database requirements, the SQL Server engine and its related features provide enterprise level data services as a back end to any number of client/server or cloud based applications. With a tight security model, transaction logging, concurrency handling and disaster recovery features built directly into the engine, SQL Server is the go-to standard for serious database solutions.

In the web world, the tried and true combination of MySQL databases with PHP server processing continues to offer safe, secure, data-driven website server processing. In addition to this powerful server combination, HTML, JavaScript and CSS provide the core content, layout and page behavior to make a webpage look and feel like a desktop application. This combination of technologies is trusted by some of the largest names on the internet: Facebook, WordPress and Wikipedia, to name a few.

Dymeng Services has experience in all of the technologies outlined above, and with such tools at hand, along with a deep understanding of how they can work together and insight to your business requirements, we're confident that we can provide cost effective, sustainable and scalable solutions to help your business not only at its current stage, but in future growth as well.

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Developing software solutions for business isn't just about what the company needs to best manage their operations: it's an art of creating pieces of work that not only work well today, but leave themselves flexible enough to quickly adapt to tomorrow's needs as well. The beauty of the art is that when done right, nobody can tell the difference. Until tomorrow.
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